A World Awakens CD - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING!

A World Awakens  CD - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING!

verSound proudly presents John’s ninth studio album A World Awakens picks up where John's 2015 release The Wind Pearl left off, once again adding new styles and musical textures: from the Irish-flavored melodies and rhythms of "Something Near, Something Far," to the sweetly heartfelt "Ashes to Blossom," to the powerful and joyful title track, "A World Awakens," featuring the dynamic trumpet of Randy Baltzell.

When something beautiful touches the soul, it awakens us to what is real and true. John's newest album, A World Awakens, does that magnificently, captivating the soul with gorgeous melodies that shine into forever." ~ Diane Arkenstone.

“Adorney is one of the genres most consistent and reliable artists but he also takes risks as he spreads his creative wings.He appears to have a fathomless ability to consistently create compelling compositions with no indication of any end in sight.”

 Michael Debbage, Mainly Piano.

 "A World Awakens is yet another proof that John Adorney is one of this genre's top performers. It will for sure will bring lots of joy to new and old fans. A heartwarming masterpiece."

 BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

The Songs:

1   Something Near, Something Far

2     Dance of the Pauper King

3     Ashes to Blossom

4     A World Awakens featuring Randy Baltzell

5     Come, Little Butterfly featuring Daya

6     The Long Journey Home

7     And for All Time

8   The Nesting Place

9     The Wellspring

10   Love and Longing

11   No Earthly Dream

12   Caress of the Skies



Also available as a download for $8.00

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