Eversound Chillout - The Inner Groove (CD)

Eversound Chillout  - The Inner Groove (CD)

These outstanding musicians have seamlessly blended elements of Trance, World Beat, New Age and Classical music to form a soundtrack that will both inspire and soothe your mind, body and heart.

The music selections have been specifically arranged to take you through a hypnotic journey of sound and beauty from high energy to a peaceful, graceful ending.

The Songs and the Artists:

1)   Coup de Grace - Nigel Holton

2)   Jewel in the Sun - Diane Arkenstone

3)   Promise - Curtis Macdonald                                

4)   New Days - John Adorney                                 

5)   Ogoki Daybreak - Lino                                                 

6)   Technorganica - Markston Smith with Dan Kaplauer

7)   The Potter’s Gift - John Adorney                             

8)   This Moment Called Now -   Manuel Imán                          

9)   Kanan To The Sea - Curtis Macdonald                               

10)  Rainforest Rain - Ron Clearfield                            

11)   Spring - Stuart Hoffman                        

12)   Music in the Silence - Ron Clearfield



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