Eversound Colors DVD

Eversound Colors DVD

EverSound Colors creates an environment for inspiration and contemplation and it expresses and evokes a spirit of beauty and joy, a sense of life, and the profound conviction that, beyond any adverse circumstances surrounding us, all is well.

This unique DVD presents an international medley of nine artists, each of whom offers a unique musical expression.

New instrumental compositions combine with footage from some of the most beautiful spots on Earth and breathtaking images of the Earth itself as seen from space.

The Songs and the Artists:

1 Road To Doneghal (Nigel Holton)

2 The Gathering (John Adorney)

3 Joy to Joy (Stuart Hoffman)

4 Slow Gypsy (Manuel Iman

5 Mau (Kazuhiko Ikegami)

6 Home (Ron Clearfield)

7 Stones of Callinish (Nigel Holton)

8 Tremolo (John Mills)

9 Dark Tropic (Fuzzbee Morse)

10 Malibu Rain (Geoff Bridgford)

11 When Will I See you Again (John Adorney)

12 Desert rain; desert bloom (John Mills)

13 Farewell (Ron Clearfield)

14 Waiting (Stuart Hoffman)

15 Gypsy Tears (Manuel Iman)

Total Time: 65 minutes


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