EverSound Expressions Vol. 2 - FREE SHIPPING

EverSound Expressions Vol. 2 - FREE SHIPPING

The Songs and the Artists:


1 Capture the Day (Stuart Hoffman)

2 Awakened (Manuel Iman)

3 The Other Shore (John Adorney)

4 Round & Round (Nigel Holton)

5 As We Are (Cara Tower)

6 Waiting (Stuart Hoffman)

7 Dancer In The Light (Ron Clearfield)

8 When Will I See You Again? (John Adorney)

9 Above the Clouds (Nigel Holton)

10 Every Step (Kim O’Leary)

11 Desert Rain; Desert Bloom (John Mills)

12 Dance & Return of Gaia (Ron Clearfield)

13 Journey Itself (Manuel Iman)

14 Hope (Eduardo del Signore)

“In the relatively short span of one year, EverSound has released several outstanding recordings of contemporary instrumental music. These well produced albums have had a substantial impact on New Age radio and retailers and this collection is a very enjoyable first-anniversary momento.” - Ted Cox (New Age Retailer)

“When was the last time a compilation really thrilled you and the music of its various artists played seamlessly from first to last? Admittedly, it is a difficult ambition to achieve, but EverSound Expressions attains the goal.” - (The Monthly Aspectarian)

"This predominantly instrumental sampler brings the gift of peace in the form of forteen inspired and inspiring compositions. This release is the perfect tool for unwinding and relaxing and also receives my highest recommendation to all." - Rev. Robert Walmsley (Musical Soundscapes).



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