EverSound Healing CD - FREE SHIPPING!

EverSound Healing CD - FREE SHIPPING!

“Eversound Healing” is a collection designed to inspire beauty, peace and comfort.

 The power of music to uplift and inspire is expressed through a variety of styles - World Beat, New Age, Classical and Jazz. The album showcases several outstanding new artists as well as established EverSound favorites.

This collection has been specially arranged to take you on a beautiful and heartfelt journey to the timeless joy and contentment that resides within.

    "EverSound Healing" sampler


      The Songs:

  1) No Place Like Home - Curtis Macdonald

2) The Angel’s Voice - Diane Arkenstone

3) Even In Your Darkest Hour – John Adorney featuring Daya

4) Courante – Zephyr

5)   My Linda - Michael Whalen

6)   Lessons of Love - Cara Tower

7)   Oh Where Would I Go? - John Mills

8)   Himalayan Reverie - Ron Clearfield

9) Summer Nights – Mbandi

10) For You – Stuart Hoffman

11) Shades of Amber - John Adorney

12) Time Stops - Suzanne Ciani

13) Field of Joy - Nigel Holton


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Also available as a download for $7.00

Free shipping in the USA only. For international orders, unless otherwise specified in your order, the CD will be shipped at no extra cost without the jewel case. If you wish to receive the CD in its original jewel case, let us know and we will send you a quote for the shipping within 24 hours.

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