EverSound's 10th Anniversary Celebration double CD

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EverSound's 10th Anniversary Celebration double CD

EverSound’s 10th anniversary celebration double CD contains a selection of thirty-five tracks from twenty different albums and fourteen artists from the EverSound catalog

Disc 1

1)  River Of Breath (John Adorney featuring Daya).

2)  Everlasting (Curtis Macdonald).

3)  Jewel in the Sun (Diane Arkenstone).

4)  This Moment Called Now (Manuel Imán).

5)  Coup de Grace   (Nigel Holton).

6)  Joy to Joy (Stuart Hoffman).

7)  City of Music (Tim Hain).

8)  Return and Dance of Gaia (Ron Clearfield).

9)  Yilowe (John Adorney).

10) Into the Dark Night (John Mills)

11) This Is How I Feel (Danny Ellis).

12) Dali's Hoppers (Lino)                       

13) The Human Heart (Manuel Imán).

14)  The Potter's Gift (John Adorney).

15)  Promise (Curtis Macdonald).

16)  Remembrance (Nigel Holton). ).

17)  By the Time I Close My Eyes (Michael Whalen).

Disc 2

1)   All Is Bright (Diane Arkenstone).

2)   The Other Shore (John Adorney).

3)   Listening (Lucia Imán).

4)   Waiting (Stuart Hoffman).

5)   Rumba Chulita (Manuel Imán).

6)   Home (Ron Clearfield).

7)   Above The Clouds (Nigel Holton).

8)   Rosebud (John Mills).

9)   Oh Friend (Tim Hain).

10)  Coast of Dreams (Curtis Macdonald).

11)  Cover (Danny Ellis)

12)  Capture The Day (Stuart Hoffman)

13)  Campanilleros (Manuel Imán)

14)  Dance of the Moon and the Stars (John Adorney)

15)  Desert Rain; Desert Bloom (John Mills)

16)  Music In The Silence (Ron Clearfield)

17)  Our Love is Forever (Curtis Macdonald)

18)  Hope (Eduardo del Signore)





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  • 5
    The best deal imaginable - 2 powerful CDs!

    Posted by Betty S. on 13th Feb 2015

    These are both a treasure trove of amazing tunes. I bought it on a whim, having heard some of the artists, and have been playing it for years. I have a long commute every day and these CDs have carried me many miles.

  • 5
    Double CD

    Posted by Bobbi (Barbara) Narwold on 12th Feb 2015

    FANTASTIC!!!! I have ordered four copies for myself and 3 other friends, and I'm sure I will continue to order more. While I drive, I swoon to the music and don't get distracted or irritable regarding other drivers. Keep 'em coming! Warm regards, Javier, et al. Bobbi (from Delaware)