John Adorney and Daya LIVE in concert CD

John Adorney and Daya LIVE in concert CD

Celebrating a musical collaboration that has spanned twenty-five years and six much-loved CDs, John Adorney and Daya, for the first time ever, brought the magic of their music to a live audience.

Backed by a 12-piece world-class ensemble, and joined by special guest Marcel Adjibi, John and Daya performed twelve of their most beloved songs and pieces.

Concert highlights


The Songs:


1)     Find the Miracle

2)     Neverending

3)     Comme Le Vent

4)     A Butterfly in the Well

5)     Waiting for the Moon

6)     Always Remembering You/The Other Shore

7)     As My Heart Desires

8)     Drifting

9)     River of Breath

10)   Yilowe 

11)   Even in Your Darkest Hour

12)   The Gathering

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