Love's Magic CD - Song collection

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Love's Magic CD  - Song collection

EverSound is pleased to present a collection of original compositions featuring the most beautiful instrument ever created…the human voice.

This album includes vocal tracks from EverSound’s favorite artists, as well as new material from several outstanding new artists. This music is exquisitely arranged to take you on a wonderful journey of sound and beauty.

Love’s Magic focuses on the message of love as conveyed by the human voice - it reflects the many moods of love’s expression through a variety of musical styles and influences, including New Age, World Beat, Jazz and Classical.


The Songs:


1 Listening – Lucía Imán                       5:14

2 This is How I feel – Danny Ellis           4:29

3 Good to go – Bernie Barlow               4:46

4 Sunrise – Bliss                                 4:21

5 Thinking of You– John Adorney       4:30

6 The Human Heart - Manuel Imán     5:24

7 I choose you – Bernie Barlow           4:53

8 This Tenderness - Danny Ellis         5:13

9 Love unspoken - Kim O'Leary           3:16

10 River Of Tears – Tim Hain               3:36

11 A  Hundred Thousand Angel – Bliss 5:56

12 Coast of Dreams - Curtis Mcdonald 5:27


Total 57:48