My Days on Earth CD - Cadoan - FREE SHIPPING!

My Days on Earth CD - Cadoan - FREE SHIPPING!

Drawing on a broad range of genres, Cadoan presents an original collection of instrumental songs for your enjoyment. The music weaves Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian, Spanish, Gypsy, Classical, Appalachian and even American Blues influences, creating a dynamic, uplifting mix.

 Featured Artists: Steve McPeters: electric violin - Al Sher: guitar - Sarah Brennan: Keyboards - Alistair Stevenson: bass - Chris Cruse: drums - Kevin Fina: percussion  - Wendy Lewis: vocals

 Recorded live in studio, mixed and mastered by John Adorney. This recording captures the upbeat & joyful feeling of the band's live performances.

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Also available as a download for $7.00

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