The Artists of EverSound LIVE!! CD - FREE SHIPPING!

The Artists of EverSound LIVE!! CD - FREE SHIPPING!

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the label, the EverSound artists united their talents for one special evening in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The concert featured some of EverSound's most familiar names, some outstanding new artists, and some very special guest performers

                Concert highlights


The Songs and the Artists: 

Courage to Change- Cara Tower 

2 Our Love is Forever - Curtis Macdonald

3 When You Walk Into the Room - Steve McPeters

4 Om Shanti - Diane Arkenstone

5 Santa Barbara - Manuel Imán

6 Joy to Joy - Stuart Hoffman

7 Rumba Chulita - Manuel Imán

8 Turning - Suzanne Ciani

9 Heal Love, Feel Love - Amanda Blue

10 Serena Paz - Eduardo del Signore featuring Daya

11 You Get More Beautiful - Stuart Hoffman featuring Daya

12 Always Remembering You - John Adorney featuring Daya

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Concert highlights video

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