The Best of Diane Arkenstone CD - FREE SHIPPING!

The Best of Diane Arkenstone CD - FREE SHIPPING!

EverSound proudly presents Diane Arkenstone’s Best Of, a highly anticipated benchmark to an extraordinary career with worldwide CD sales of over one million.

This compilation features pieces from her fourteen best-selling albums, such as “Jewel In The Sun”. “Aquaria, A Liquid Blue Trancescape” and “The Healing Spirit” and includes remarkable collaborations with David Arkenstone and two new pieces co-produced by John Adorney.

 This memorable selection explores a great variety of styles and genres, from trance to ambient, to world music, and new age.

   "The Best of Diane Arkenstone" sampler:


     The Songs:

 1 The Secret Garden

 2 Under The Blue Sky

 3 Avalon

 4 Rhythm Of The Forest

5 Om Shanti

6 River Of Creation

7 Voice Of The Sea

8 Hills At The Sunset

9 All Is Bright

10 Canyon Dreams

11 Freedom Of Movement

12 Across The Sands Of Time

13 Kiva Ceremony

14 Precious Waters

15 The River Winds Through The Night

16 The Grey Havens

Total length: 73 minutes

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Also available as a download for $8.00

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