The Essential John Adorney DOWNLOAD

The Essential John Adorney DOWNLOAD

For the past 20 years, John Adorney's music has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, and his albums have sold over 200,000 copies. We at EverSound are often asked by new fans who discover John's music, "Which of John's CDs should I purchase first?" To answer that question, we've created THE ESSENTIAL JOHN ADORNEY -­ a collection that we feel covers the breadth, depth and beauty of John's music.


   "The Essential John Adorney" sampler:




       The Songs

 1 The Potter’s Gift

2 Yilowe

3 Even in Your Darkest Hour

4 Dance of the Moon and Stars

5 The Wind Pearl

6 Never Alone

7 Trees of Gold

8 When the Moon is Always New

9 In Bloom

10 The Heart Cloth

11 If a Rose Could Speak

12 As My Heart Desires

13 Neverending (live version)

14 Sailing by Starlight

15 River of Breath

Total length: 75 minutes

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Also available as a CD for $9.00