The Nature of the Game CD - Steve McPeters - FREE SHIPPING

The Nature of the Game  CD - Steve McPeters - FREE SHIPPING

Steve McPeters has spent the last few decades performing throughout the Southern California area, playing and singing as a solo act and with a band with his own style of country and rock.
He has opened for acts such as Emmy Lou Harris and Poco and has beautifully crafted songs that evoke a deeper perspective of life.
He invited John Adorney to co-produce, play and sing background vocals in his new album and this is what John has to say about this collaboration

"Working on Steve's music was a real pleasure for me - he's a good friend and a talented songwriter. There's an honesty and depth to his lyrics that I never tired of hearing, even after hundreds of listens. We're both thrilled with the way the album came out."

    ~ John Adorney.



The Songs

1)    Turn it Around

2)    Farewell My Friend

3)    To Be a Better Man

4)    Reason to Smile

5)    Nature of the Game

6)    The House That I Live In

7)    Hard to Say Goodbye

8)    Bring Me Home

9)    Angel Watching Over Me

10)  Stolen Moments


Also available as a download  for $8.00

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