The Other Shore CD - John Adorney featuring Daya

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The Other Shore CD - John Adorney featuring Daya

On "The Other Shore", John Adorney showcases his unique talents as both a performer and composer on eleven sparkling new tracks. Playing cello, guitar, keyboards, bass and percussion, and featuring the richly layered vocals of female singer Daya Rawat, John is joined by guest artists on flute, oboe, drums, English horn and pennywhistle. The music combines intricately pulsating rhythms with striking melodies and elegant chord changes to create a sound that is inspiring, haunting, evocative and beautiful.


1) Free                                                        

2) The Other Shore                             

3) The Crossing                                       

4) When The Flower Meets The Rain        

5) As My Heart Desires                            

6) Kulantai Ulam (Heart of a Child)            

7) Thinking Of You                                 

8) The Moonbird                                      

9) Awakening                                             

10) All In A Moment                             

11) Entranced                                        


Total time 56:59


Also available as a download for $7.00


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