The Wind Pearl CD - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING!

The Wind Pearl CD - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING!

The Wind Pearl picks up where John's 2013 release The Wonder Well left off, this time adding new styles and musical textures: from the hauntingly beautiful oboe and cello duet on the title track, to the electronic world groove of "Endless Caravan" and the powerful and evocative "When the Moon is Always New," featuring the dynamic female vocals of Daya.


   "The Wind Pearl" sampler:


      The Songs:

 1   Returning         

The Wind Pearl       

This Wonderful Game        

4  When the Moon is Always New featuring Daya       

5 The Lily and the Bee     

Little Bird  featuring Marcel Adjibi and Daya       

Another Beautiful World   

Endless Caravan   

Two Rivers   

10 Into Knowing 

11 Between the Stars  

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