The Wonder Well CD - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING!

The Wonder Well CD - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING!

The Wonder Well picks up where John's 2012 release The Fire in the Flint left off, this time adding some new styles and musical textures: from the soulful smooth jazz guitar of "Never Alone," to the powerful and evocative electronic/world grooves of "Unbounded" and "Window to the West." 

As on all of his releases, John’s multi-instrumental talents are complimented by the luscious, layered vocals of Daya - including the inspired and uplifting songs "In Spiritus" and “If A Rose Could Speak."


"The Wonder Well" sampler:

      The Songs:

1   In Spiritus – featuring Daya   4:55       

2   Never Alone   5:09                                                

3   The Wonder Well       5:20

4   At Home    4:03                 

5  Window to the West   4:16              

6   If a Rose Could Speak – featuring Daya      4:19             

7   Unbounded    5:31            

8   The Cup and the Veil    3:48                     

9   The Meeting Place   4:09                               

10 Heartstrings   4:51

11 Beautiful World 3:27


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