"Union Road" by Diane Arkenstone - FREE SHIPPING

"Union Road" by Diane Arkenstone - FREE SHIPPING

Over the last few years, Diane Arkenstone has explored a wide variety of musical landscapes, from ambient new age music, Southwestern fantasias, Celtic flavors and global fusion music. Now, Arkenstone embarks on an exciting new chapter in her career - introspective folk ballads. UNION ROAD immediately marks a contrast to her earlier work with the introduction of blues guitar on "Little Cup of Coffee," which quickly makes way for Arkenstone's soulful vocals and rootsy melodies. Likewise, "Just Kicking Around" and "Union Road" have a pleasant, breezy sound that calls to mind afternoon drives down the open road. The music is predominantly acoustic, with guitar and piano being prime instruments alongside bass, mandolin, accordion, penny whistle and percussion. A thought-provoking, highly enjoyable new journey from this impressive singer/songwriter. 




The Songs:


1        Little Cup of Coffee

2        When I Fall

3        Crossing the Water

4        Corner of Nowhere

5        Just Kicking Around

6        Beautiful Bones

7        Lost in You

8        Your Mama Is Gone

9        Union Road

10      We Can Live Forever

11      Dulcimer Suite