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The EverSound Anthology Video

It starts with the creation of the label, and it continues all the way through to the EverSound´s 15th anniversary celebration concert in Santa Barbara, CA.

It is narrated by Diane Arkenstone and Steve McPeters.

John Adorney

John Adorney is an award–winning composer and producer whose CDs have garnered glowing reviews from around the world. In addition to composing, John is a board–certified music therapist (MT–BC) who works on a one‐to‐one basis with people with autism and other developmental disabilities….

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Diane Arkenstone

New age sensation Diane Arkenstone came from a varied musical background before focusing her career on Celtic music in the 1990s. Diane wrote her first song at the age of three and started playing guitar at the age of seven. 👉 Read more

Ron Clearfield

Ron Clearfield, cellist, composer and conductor, graduated Summa Cum Laude with Bachelors and Masters degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music studying with Brazilian cellist Aldo Parisot and string pedagogues Joseph Silverstein and Leon Barzan...

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Manuel Imán

Manuel Imán has long been recognized as one of Spain’s most innovative musicians, both as guitarist and as a composer. Borne in Seville, the musical capital of the flamenco style, he was a pioneer in fusing the sound of flamenco with other musical styles – rock, jazz, Eastern and classical. A performer of exquisite grace and passion, he is a master of both the Spanish and the electric guitar. 👉 Read more

John Mills

John writes for the guitar and with the feel a Japanese artist, sparingly complement his pieces with brushstrokes of oboe, chime harp, violin, cello and rainmaker. The simple beauty and graceful performance that distinguishes this recording will transport the listener to a gentle place filled with stirring melodies...

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Nitish Kulkarni

Nitish Kulkarni is an Indian-American music producer and mix engineer, and one of the most sought-after Marathi arrangers in the United States today...

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Curtis Macdonald

A self-taught pianist and then educated composer, Curtis studied and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in composition at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. His mentors included Mort Subotnik, Leonard Rosenman, Barry Schrader and Alan Chaplin...

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Michael Whalen

Two-time Emmy® award and BMI award winning composer and music supervisor, Michael Whalen is an internationally renown pianist and ambient electronic recording artist. Michael did his first solo piano collection “The Softest Touch" for EverSound in 1999. .

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Stuart Hoffman

Stuart is one of the original EverSound artists and he has released three highly acclaimed solo CDs:

 Silent Longing, Somewhere Tonight & Dance in the Dance, featuring his diverse talents as composer, arranger, pianist, songwriter and producer...

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Steve McPeters

Steve McPeters has spent the last few decades   performing throughout the Southern California area, playing and singing as a solo act and with a band.

He has opened for acts such as Emmy Lou Harris and Poco, and has beautifully crafted songs that evoke a deeper perspective of life....

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Cara Tower

Cara Tower's music exudes up lifting messages, heart-felt lyrics and melodies that touch the soul. An insightful singer-song writer with a talent for orchestral instrumentation and composition. Cara is a modern world music composer, who crosses over into popular music...

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Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Lino graduated college with two degrees (History and Pre-Med.) from Miami University of Ohio. But Lino's calling has always been to compose and perform music, so after college he moved to Los Angeles to do what he loves most...

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Born and raised in Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Kokhe began playing the piano at a very early age. He started on a piano his grandfather brought from England, and spent the following years studying classical piano. In his teen years, Jorge abandoned his classical studies, and began playing popular songs by ear...

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Nigel Holton

EverSound´s 2nd release was created by our beloved friend Nigel Holton, who passed away in 2004.    

Nigel said of the album: “For years I've written music for other people's stories in the form of movies and documentaries. Finally, I'm getting the chance to tell the story of my own heart and dreams. Life is truly magical." ...  👉 Read more

Randy Baltzell

"I have always been a composer. When I was very young maybe 4, certainly no older than 5, I remember my dad coming home from a hiking trip. I remember him telling me about the woods he hiked through and what it was like in the woods as the sun went down, how the woods grew quiet, and how wildlife behaved...."

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