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Beckoning CD - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING

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 On his debut solo CD, John Adorney showcases his unique talents as both a performer and composer on 11 sparkling new tracks. Playing cello, guitar, keyboards and percussion, and joined by guest artists on pennywhistle, bamboo flute and vocals, he combines striking melodies with elegant chord changes and intricately pulsating rhythms to create a sound that is inspiring, haunting, evocative and beautiful.

 The Critics

  “During the course of auditioning a couple of hundred classical and New Age recordings a month, it is always a pleasure to hear the music from a new artist unique and compelling enough to generate excitement”

 Ted Cox (New Age Retailer)

 Beckoning reminds me of what attracted me to the world of New Age music in the first place – gentle melodies and intricate instrumentation. John Adorney is a multi-instrumentalist who brings forth songs that are “hummable”, which is to say that they imprint themselves gently on the consciousness. Before you are aware of it, a smile may grace your face, and perhaps even your toes may be tapping in accompaniment”

 (Wind and Wire)

 Track List:

1 The Gift

2 Beckoning

3 The Gathering

4 Solace

5 When Will I See You Again

6 Neverending

7 All Is Well

8 Moving On

9 Aphelion

10 Celebration

11 Dance of the Moon and Stars


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Also available as a download for $9.00




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