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Download Relaxing Music – Music for Reading and Studying

Posted by BT Fasmer on 30th Jul 2018

When reading, choose your soundtrack with care. Angry or sad music is not an ideal soundtrack for studies. Here I have selected two albums which makes a fantastic backdrop to your reading. You can download the music right away, and take it with you wherever you go. No subscription needed.

As indicated by the title, John Adorney’s album "Toward a Gentle Place" represents a movement. When listening, your mind is taken on a journey, away from the stress of everyday life and into a state of positivity and rest. This makes it perfect for reading, and listening to just one or two songs is not an option. 

You may sample and download the album here

In music today everything has to be loud and “in your face”. Artists are instructed to make songs fat and booming. Curtis Macdonald’s music is a contrast to this. A light, bare piano is his trademark. The backing, consisting of strings and a gentle, almost inaudible rhythm, is totally no-nonsense and bare. It makes the listener listen - and it is a perfect soundtrack while reading. 

“Where the Heart Belongs” is not just a collection for Curtis Macdonald fans. It is a must-have for anyone who needs relaxing music. It contains some truly inspiring music, all nicely balanced and well compiled. 

The album may be downloaded here

So here you got two fantastic albums to start your MP3 collection of music for reading and studying. If you have any questions about purchasing, downloading and collecting MP3, do contact us. 

Picture copyright Bigstockphoto - C_73