Diane Arkenstone


New age sensation Diane Arkenstone came from a varied musical background before focusing her career on Celtic music in the 1990s.

 Diane wrote her first song at the age of three and started playing guitar at the age of seven.

Trained as an opera singer, she experimented with punk, heavy metal, and folk music until she co-formed the duo Enaid & Einalem with a musician friend named Melanie. While with the duo, she married like-minded musician David Arkenstone and formed the label Neo Pacifica with him. She broke out on her own to make meditative music in 2001, but several other projects developing around the time reflected her love of rock and Celtic music as well.

Diane's album Jewel in the Sun debuted at # 16 on Billboard's New Age charts when it was released in 2002 and reached position 11.

In 2005, The Best of Diane Arkenstone was ranked # 1 on Zone Music Reporter's Top 100 Airplay Chart, out of 2800 recordings reported that year.

In her career, she has done work on more than 45 albums and played various instruments such as guitar, keyboard, wood flutes, dulcimer, synthesizers and percussion.

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