EverSound Healing DOWNLOAD

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EverSound Healing DOWNLOAD

“Eversound Healing” is a collection designed to inspire beauty, peace and comfort.

The power of music to uplift and inspire is expressed through a variety of styles - World Beat, New Age, Classical and Jazz. The album showcases   several outstanding new artists as well as established EverSound favorites.

This collection has been specially arranged to take you on a beautiful and heartfelt journey to the timeless joy and contentment that resides within.


  The Songs:

 1) No Place Like Home - Curtis Macdonald

 2) The Angel’s Voice - Diane Arkenstone

 3) Even In Your Darkest Hour – John Adorney featuring Daya

 4) Courante – Zephyr

 5) My Linda - Michael Whalen

 6) Lessons of Love - Cara Tower

 7) Oh Where Would I Go? - John Mills

 8) Himalayan Reverie - Ron Clearfield

 9) Summer Nights – Mbandi

10) For You – Stuart Hoffman

11) Shades of Amber - John Adorney

12) Time Stops - Suzanne Ciani

13) Field of Joy - Nigel Holton

Higher resolution files available at no additional cost. Email us at sales@eversound.com to request download

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