EverSound Yoga CD

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EverSound has long been acclaimed in the New Age market for its high quality instrumental releases.

We are now pleased to present a new collection designed specifically for yoga. It has long been known that music can enhance and facilitate yoga practice. The right music can assist the practitioner in letting go, relaxing, and breathing deeply. The music on EverSound’s Yoga collection is specially chosen for its uplifting quality, to inspire the spirit as well as the body, for a more fulfilling practice.

This beautiful collection features new and classic tracks from EverSound’s favorite artists, as well as new material from outstanding new artists. As with all EverSound collections, this music is exquisitely arranged to take you on a wonderful journey of sound and beauty.


1) Prelude to an Enchanted River - Ron Clearfield

2) Listen...The Earth is Weeping - Ron Clearfield

3) Listening - Lucia Iman

4) Remembrance - Nigel Holton

5) My Golden Mirror - Manuel Iman

6) Baqti - Ron Clearfield

7) Shiv Shakti - Bliss

8) The Arrival -Nigel Holton

9) Happiness Within - Nigel Holton

10) Neverending - John Adorney

11) The Journey - Nigel Holton

12) When the Flower Meets the Rain - John Adorney

13) Entraced - John Adorney