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EverSound proudly presents Fearlessthe debut album by Norwegian singer/songwriter Cecilie.


Here is what critics have said:


“Cecilie´s voice conveys gentleness, strength, sincerity, passion and vulnerability. She writes and sings about emotions and life experiences that we all have at one time or other…


The title of the album comes from Cecilie’s desire to encourage everyone to “be true to themselves and not let their fears hold them back. It’s about releasing, letting go, being present and alive, and listening to the world around you until you find your own personal direction.”


Backed by top Norwegian musicians on piano, guitars, key harp, violin, viola, mandolin, bass and drums, the eleven original songs are a very enjoyable mix of pop, folk, Celtic, world and new age music genres.”


 ~ Kathy Parsons


There aren’t many Celtic Folk artists around creating timeless sounds, so thank God for Cecilie and her anachronistic take on soundscapes. If you’re a fan of The Corrs, Sheryl Crow, Enya, Clannad or Alanis Morrissette, you’re going to want to check out Cecilie’s resounding aural style”


~ Amelia Vandergast



Track Listing:

 1)   Tango

 2)   Home

 3)   Angels

 4)   Winter Night

 5)   The Spell

 6)   My Heat Has Loved

 7)   Inside Me

 8)   Saturday

 9)   Run Away

10)  Song in me

11)   Fearless

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 Available as a download for $7.00 

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