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Invisible Songbird CD  - John Adorney - FREE SHIPPING!



EverSound proudly presents John Adorney's 11th solo album, Invisible Songbird   

   It´s been 20 years since he released his debut album Beckoning, which continues to be the label´s best-selling title and, after having      sold close to half a million copies worldwide, John wanted to deliver something very special.

Almost two years in the making, Invisible Songbird proves that John is not only an extraordinarily prolific composer, but that he continues to create music of an unmatched quality. Following closely on the heels of his theme-based release, Toward a Gentle Place, this album features 14 all-new tracks, with John performing on cello, guitar, keyboards, banjo, dulcimer, dobro, viola and recorder. Two tracks feature outstanding vocal performances by his two long-time musical collaborators, Daya and Marcel Adjibi.

With this album, John ventures into some new musical territory – his rendition of Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" is a revelation, and his bluegrass-flavored "Welcome Home" evokes a comforting, heartfelt quality. Long-time fans of John's music are sure to be delighted, and Invisible Songbird is guaranteed to bring many new fans into John's musical world.


        Track listing:

  1    Drink the Water and Feed the Fire, (featuring Daya)

  2    Love Most Bright

  3    A Single Sort of Love

  4    Joyful

  5    The Vow

  6    Welcome Home

  7    One Voice (featuring Marcel Adjibi)

  8    A Touch of Kindness

  9    Windtrails on the Water

10    Shadows and Light

11    Cascade

12    Rags to Riches

13    Rest You Well

14    The Persistence of Longing



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