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Keys of Beauty - The EverSound Piano Collection - FREE SHIPPING!

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“The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind”.

 - Maria Cristina Mena

~ ~ ~

“Solo piano is becoming more and more popular these days, since it is perfect as background music in almost any context. This is especially true in the modern work place, where few workers have an office of their own and one needs headphones to block out noises. Here the sound of the piano can be both relaxing and inspiring. It is soothing to the brain and reduces stress.

Including pieces by some of the finest artists in the New Age music genre - John Adorney, Michele McLaughlin and Suzanne Ciani – this collection shows why the piano is the finest instrument there is. Played by such talented and accomplished artists, the sounds of the piano resonate within us on a deep and most intimate level.

 Get ready to be amazed by keys of incredible beauty!”

 ~ BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide


The King of All Instruments

The piano has a royal personality that offers the softest, most delicate music to the most thunderous soundtrack. There is a magical quality to its sound – a breadth and depth that can capture the full range of human emotion. Today, this fascinating rhythmic enigma, the piano, is renowned as the “King of All Instruments."


 “Keys of Beauty” is EverSound´s tribute to such special instrument.


The collection showcases the majestic and subtle qualities of the piano sounds as expressed by an ensemble of EverSound artists, with contributions from special guests and talented new artists.


These are pieces and the artists:

1)     “Beautiful World” – John Adorney

2)     “Pure Joy” - Michele McLaughlin

3)     “Mother´s Song” - Suzanne Ciani

4)     “As The Water Lilies Grow” – Nitish Kulkarni

5)     “First Light” – Randy Baltzell 

6)     “Coming Home” – Curtis Macdonald 

7)     “Rebirth” – Juan Sánchez 

8)     “Open Up Your Heart” - Stuart Hoffman 

9)     “Tomorrow Is Never Promised” – Kokhe 

10)    “A Relaxed Moment” - Yisroel 

11)     “Solitude” - Joseph Nimoh


 Available as a download for $8.00 




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    To Eversound team: Thank you!

    Posted by Astrid Tholens on 8th May 2020

    I love piano mother was a piano teacher, and I also learned to play the piano. This selection is pure joy, the lyrics come through the music...sometimes there's no need for lyrics. Thank you, Astrid Tholens

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