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  EverSound proudly presents Nathan Benedict, a singer-songwriter from Pasadena, California.

  Growing up between the mountains and the sea, he has been taught strength and grace.

  Nathan possesses a warm voice, speaks honest words, and tells a compelling story.

  LANDSCAPES is his debut album. Here are comments & expressions from his fans:.


   “The music feels like home to me, like I´m meant to be at the place I´m at, no matter where it is” ~Dani

  “I intended to do some study at a cafe recently but when I first heard Nathan perform some of his songs live, I had to stop what I was doing. He sings         with so much heart that you can truly feel his story.”  ~ Anca Ghita (AUS)

   “Nathan's music is tender and inviting - worship for our fellow souls and the universe we inhabit”  ~ Christopher Del Rosario

   "I love the potent message of “Tin Man.’ I love the loveliness of “Beauty Will Come.” I love the quality of your voice in “California” and “Red House,” but most definitely my favorite one is “Little Birds". ~ Doris T.

    "It soothes sad hearts and brightens happy ones."  ~Sarah Hansen



The Songs:


1)    California

2)    In Your Bones

3)    Tin Man

4)    Colombo By Night

5)    Sea Level

6)    This Fire

7)    Can´t Find Peace

8)    Our First Talk

9)    Red House

10)   Little Birds

11)   Lighten

12)   To Know You Now

13)   Cold Bones

14)   Bring You Home

15)   Beauty Will Come


 Available as a download for $5.00 


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