Love's Magic Vol. 2 CD - FREE SHIPPING!

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Love's Magic Vol. 2 CD - FREE SHIPPING!

From the very start, EverSound was widely acclaimed in the New Age market for its high quality instrumental releases.

A few years later, we decided to venture into a different project featuring the most beautiful instrument ever created…the human voice.

The result was “Love’s Magic”, a charming song collection, which captured the hearts of many thousands around the world. In response to repeated requests from our fans, we are extremely proud to present “Love Magic 2”

Featured Artists:

Suzanne Ciani, Diane Arkenstone, John Adorney, Bliss, Zephyr, Danny Ellis, Nigel Holton, Melissa Lewis, Stuart Hoffman, Tim Hain, Soul Survivors and Curtis Mcdonald


The Songs:

1)   “Peace on my Mind” Bliss       

2)   “Destiny” Zephyr

3)   "Yilowe" John Adorney featuring Marcel Adjibi

4)   “Oh Friend” Tim Hain   

5)   “Under The Blue Sky”  Diane Arkenstone      

6)   “Without You”  Melissa Lewis  

7)   “Colors of the Beloved” Stuart Hoffman featuring Marcel

8)   “Incredible Miracle” Nigel Holton featuring Daya

9)   “Cover” Danny Ellis    

10)  “Turning”   Suzanne Ciani   

11)  “Lover to Me” Soul Survivors                

12)   “Everlasting”  Curtis Macdonald featuring Lucia Imán


Also available as a download for $6.00

Free shipping in the USA only. For international orders, unless otherwise specified in your order, the CD will be shipped at no extra cost without the jewel case. If you wish to receive the CD in its original jewel case, let us know and we will send you a quote for the shipping within 24 hours.

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    Posted by T. S. on 13th Feb 2015

    This CD actually has the power to transform an ordinary commute to a song-fest. Every one of these is just magical, in different ways,. It truly seems like a representation of the "best" of so many outstanding artists. A great gift for Valentine's Day too!