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One Quiet Night CD - Selections by Brian Luke Seawards - FREE SHIPPING

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Selections by Brian Luke Seaward from the EverSound Music Collection, as profiled in his book Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart

“One Quiet Night” features the most melodic, relaxing instrumental music ever compiled from the EverSound label including the compositions by John Adorney, Manuel Imán, Nigel Houlton, Stuart Hoffman, John Mills, Ron Clearfield and Lino. Each song was specifically selected by world-renowned stress management expert, Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. to entrain the body’s energies for relaxation at the end of a busy day.


     The Songs:

1. For You (John Mills) 3:05

2. As My Heart Desires (John Adorney) 2:51

3. This Moment Called Now (Manuel Imán) 3:29

4. River of Kindness (Stuart Hoffman) 4:20

5. Home (Ron Clearfield) 5:55

6. Nicky’s Gift (Lino) 3:10

7. Solace (John Adorney) 4:09

8. You Are Love (Nigel Holton) 6:21

9. Without a Word (John Mills) 2:59

10. Soliloquy (Ron Clearfield) 3:45

11. My Golden Mirror (Manuel Imán) 6:21

12. A Song For You (Stuart Hoffman) 3:30

13. Round & Round (Nigel Holton) 5:30

14. Hope (Eduardo del Signore) 3:30

15. A Potter’s Gift (John Adorney) 5:54

16. Nana (Ron Clearfield) 3:21

Total Time: 68:33

Additionally, “One Quiet Night” contains a 4-minute nature video featuring the song "Nana" by Ron Clearfield.

 To hear Brian talk about this project came about click on “PRODUCT VIDEOS” underneath

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