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Here is our very first CD! It was actually released under another label (Domo) since EverSound had not been established yet. For additional details please view the anthology video on the home page.

The collection presents an international medley of seven artists, each of whom offers a unique musical expression.

As it continues to be to this very day, the music expresses and evokes a spirit of beauty and joy, a sense of life, and the profound conviction that, beyond any adverse circumstances that may surround us, all is well.

Reflections does take you on a sweet and soulful journey.

1.     “Slow Gypsy” Manuel Imán

2.      “Moving On”  John Adorney

3.     “Soliloquy” Ron Clearfield

4.     “Remembrance” Nigel Holton

5.     “Tremolo”  John Mills

6.     “Rumba Chulita” Manuel Imán

7.     “Mau”  Kazuhiko Ikegami

8.     “Celebration”  John Adorney

9.     “Gone” Stuart Hoffman

10.     “Road to Doneghal” Nigel Holton

11.     “This Moment Called Now”  Manuel Imán

12.     “Along the Path”  John Adorney

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