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 “Shine Your Light is a labor of Love over seven years in the making. It consists of nine new original songs, including one instrumental and two covers. I had the great pleasure of collaborating with the extraordinary talents of:


Jennifer Edwards, lyrics on "When the Rain Begins" and backing vocals on
"Woodstock Echo-Love´s Takin' Us Home Again".

Mitchell Ditkoff, lyrics on "Love Today".

Scott Ritter, lyrics on "Woodstock Echo-Love´s Takin' Us Home Again".

Prem Rawat, lyrics excerpted from a talk he gave on "You Carry In You".

Stephen Rivera, lead vocals on "When the Rain Begins" and "One Million Strong".

Catherine McClenahan and Hannah Fagerbakke, backing vocals on "Shine Your Light".

Tara Driscoll, backing vocals on "Give Peace A Chance (2008)”.

Fuzzbee Morse, guitars and bass on "Glad You Followed Me Down"(written for him) and"Woodstock Echo-Love´s Takin' Us Home Again".

Cover Art by Hima Bindu

Graphic Design by Mark London

This music is my Heart and Soul´s attempt to say to everyone that has ever graced my Life with the kindness of your friendship.

I Love You.

This album is dedicated to 3 sweet souls that left this Planet too soon during the making of it: my dear nephew Brian Pisan, May 14 2016, my dear friend Daniel Light, March 20, 2018, and our sweet Lillian, May 3, 2018. Lillian was with me for the birth and production of many of these songs. I hope it reaches her wherever she is.

My deepest Acknowledgement and Love to Prem for shining his Love and Light over this lifetime. Eternally grateful.

And a special thanks to my darling Jennifer, without whose constant love and support this project would have never come to fruition.”

Stuart ~



The Songs:

1 When the Rain Begins

2 A Thousand Days With You-Jennifer´s Song

3 Glad You Followed Me Down

4 One Million Strong

5 The Time Has Come-Song for Patty

6 Shine Your Light

7 Shattered Dreams

8 Woodstock Echo-Love´s Takin' Us Home Again

9 Love Today

10 You Carry In You

11 Give Peace A Chance (2008)



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