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This collection of instrumental music was compiled by renowned and beloved author and motivational speaker, Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. in celebration of the 10th anniversary edition of his best selling book, "Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water".

The Songs: 1. "All is Well" - John Adorney 2. "Serenade to the Master" - Klaus Hastermann 3. "Your Love is my Blessing" - Manuel Imán 4. "Soaring" - Ron Clearfield 5. "Intro to a Dark Night" - John Mills 6. "Stones of Callinish" -  Nigel Holton 7. "All in a Moment" - John Adorney 8. "How Can I Ever Stop" -  Manuel Imán 9. "All is Bright" - Diane Arkenstone 10. "Blue Boy's New Toy" -  Lino 11. "Silent Longing" - Stuart Hoffman 12. "In Bloom" - John Adorney 13. "Your Kindness" - Manuel Imán 14. "Nightingale & Emperor" - Klaus Hastermann 15. "Malibu Rain" -  Geoff Bridgford 16. "Joy to Joy" - Stuart Hoffman 17. "Amazing Grace" Zachary Bergen 18. "Northern Seascape" -  Jim Wilson 19. "Stand Like Mountain" - Greg Tamblyn.



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