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Stuart Hoffman

Stuart is one of the original EverSound artists and he has released five highly acclaimed solo CDs: Silent Longing, Somewhere Tonight, Dance in the Dance, Shine Your Light and the latest, Can’t Stop This Love: The Essential Collection.

They feature his diverse talents as composer, arranger, pianist, songwriter and producer as well as
collaborations with artists such as

Pedro Eustache:  Hans Zimmer, Paul NcCartney, Herb Alpert, James Newton Howard, PhilCollins, Bobby McFerrin

Jerry Marotta : drums and percussion – (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Tears for Fears, Sarah McLachlan, John Mayer etc.) and

Fuzzbee Morse: guitar, bass and flute – (Peter Gabriel, Bono, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, Sting, Aaron Neville, Jaco Pastorius, The Chambers Brothers, Ric Ocasek, Richie Havens, Joan Baez, etc.


Stuart’s music has been featured on numerous music compilation CDs throughout the years.

Additionally he has produced 2 EPs. The first featuring his original compositions arranged in collaboration with the words   Prem Rawat called “For You”.

The second entitled, “Impromptu” is a collection of tracks recorded live with Daya Rawat on vocals and Stuart on piano and backing vocals. It was taken from a series of rehearsal sessions for a fund raising concert they were doing in Germany in the summer of 2012.

EverSound proudly presents "Can’t Stop This Love - The Essential Collection"

A collaboration and celebration of Stuart Hoffman’s music spanning over 2 decades highlighting Stuart’s versatility as a songwriter, singer, instrumentalist , piano player, composer, producer and arranger. Featuring Daya Rawat, Jerry Marotta, Fuzzbee Morse, Manuel Iman, Stephen Rivera, Pedro Eustache, Eduardo Del Signore and more.

A brand new song and video entitled, “Falll Back Into Me”

And some of his past classics, When The Rain Begins, One Million Strong and One Lit Candle.

Silent Heroes:

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