Stuart Hoffman


Stuart is one of the original EverSound artists and he has released three highly acclaimed solo CDs:

 Silent Longing, Somewhere Tonight & Dance in the Dance, featuring his diverse talents as composer, arranger, pianist, songwriter and producer.

Stuart’s music has been featured on numerous music compilation CDs throughout the years. Additionally he has produced 2 EPs. The first featuring his original compositions arranged in collaboration with the words of Prem Rawat called “For You”. The second entitled, “Impromptu” is a collection of tracks recorded live with Daya Rawat on vocals and Stuart on piano and backing vocals. It was taken from a series of rehearsal sessions for a fund raising concert they were doing in Germany in the summer of 2012.

 Following these new releases Stuart is planning a house concert tour with a new band he will be forming specifically for it that will be playing songs from the new releases and also fan favorite material spanning his entire career. it will start locally but could expand to include other cities.

Stay tuned… the best is yet to come!


Currently, Stuart is working on several exciting projects:


Recently, he and his fiance Jennifer Edwards wrote a soundtrack song for an upcoming film entitled When The Rain Begins. featuring up and coming singer and songwriter Stephen Rivera on vocals. It will also be released as part of anew CD of original material. The second song form that CD, entitled One Million Strong, has just been digitally released.


Stuart is also working on a special CD project of cover songs that will highlight him on piano and vocals


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