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SYNESTHETIC received the Best New Age Music Album 2014 Award!

Nitish Kulkarni is a rising artist in the instrumental scene and has been called the next Yanni by hundreds of people who have heard his early work.
Influenced by his Indian heritage and American upbringing, Nitish’s music incorporates musical instruments and styles from all around the world and blends together electronic and acoustics sounds from over 50 different musical instruments

His debut album was produced by award-winning composer John Adorney who is also featured on two tracks.


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The Songs:

1 Mermaid

2 Breathing Blue

3 Lifesaver

4 Gold & Silver

5 Bloomington Days

6 Raining Fire (feat. John Adorney)

7 Swansong

8 As the Water Lilies Grow (feat. John Adorney)

9 A Prayer Like Velvet

10 Underwater Rebirth


Available as a download for $5.00


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    Reviewed by Michael Debbage - Mostly Piano

    Posted by Michael Debbage on 26th Feb 2015

    The title of this highly impressive debut from 20 year old wunderkind Nitish Kulkarni is defined as relating to or experiencing synesthesia which invokes the experience of involving more than one sense. From the music to the album title, the two completely mirror image themselves by facilitating the use of a melting pot of multiple instruments from the east to the west along with a heavy use of cross rhythms that screams early sleeper hit for 2015. Kulkarni’s keyboards are featured throughout this impressive debut that focuses prominently on that plucked dulcimer effect that Yanni made so popular. The unabashed admiration to the previously mentioned artist is extended to the liner notes too. However Nitish avoids making his sound one dimensional and supplements his keyboard work with John Adorney’s guitar and cello work throughout the album though respectively more prominently on “Raining Fire” and “As The Water Lillies Grow”. Nevertheless all the music is composed and arranged by this impressive newcomer who effectively merges eastern sounds into a western landscape stamping and asserting his own musical DNA to avoid being just a clone. By the end of the year many will be speaking highly of Kulkarni and Synesthetic and assuming he has the ability to follow up this impressive debut watch out musical world.

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    Synesthetic is a great album

    Posted by Sharat on 26th Dec 2014

    I am in love with Synesthetic. The album is really great and I feel happy for Nitish for coming up with a such a beautiful album. Some of my favourite songs are Raining Fire, Bloomington Days, Swansong, Gold & Silver and Breathing Blue. This is indeed a great start for Nitish and I wish him all the best for his future music projects. I do recommend each and very instrumental music lover to buy this CD and enjoy it.

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    Posted by KW on 4th Dec 2014

    The word "tapestry" is overused, but I have to say this is indeed a tapestry of enchanting sounds. Each song seems to have a life of its own, and listening becomes a real feel-good experience. It is great dancing music besides. (I submitted another review but maybe it got lost....)

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    Addictive dance music and dream music

    Posted by K.W. on 28th Nov 2014

    I say dance music because anyone with even a speck of energy could rock out with this one! Not just on a dance floor, but in a skating rink, on a ballet stage or in a Tai Chi studio. It is not rock n' roll, Motown or jazz. Rather, it is a whole lot more. It is dream music because each song is a story in itself and seems to traverse different music plateaus in the process. Each conjures up a completely different feeling and energy. The fact that this is a "young" performer means nothing when you understand that musical genius (or any creative genius) has nothing to do with chronological age. Mr. Kulkarni is not just gifted, but knows how to create music that will uplift the listener every time.

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