The Healing Muse DOWNLOAD - Ron Clearfield

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A compilation of instrumental music from cellist virtuoso Ron Clearfield.

Joined by a cast of gifted musicians in an inspiring hour-long compilation of the most relaxing, meditative and healing selections from his recordings Dream Manifestation, Time on Earth and Music in the Silence. Acclaimed by physicians, therapists and body workers as a powerful tool for relaxation, therapy and healing.



 The Songs:

1. Soliloquy 3:45

2. Dancer in the Light 4:53

3. Home 5:55

4. Nana 3:22

5. Farewell 5:29

6. Prelude to an Enchanted River 6:42

7. Music in the Silence 3:30

8. Soaring 4:35

9. The Challenge 2:45

10. Resolution 3:40

11. Himalayan Reverie 4:23

12. Music in the Silence (reprieve) 5:21

13. The Marriage of Heaven and Earth 5:44



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