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The Softest Touch DOWNLOAD - Michael Whalen

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Romantic, melodic and emotionally captivating, award winning, television and film composer Michael Whalen shows us the more intimate and personal side of his music filled with beautiful melodies and exquisite piano performances

Michael Whalen is an internationally recognized multi-award winning film & television composer, with over 200 TV and film scores. Michael has tracks on a number of successful solo piano collections from Narada and Windham Hill and produced Windham Hill’s very successful Songs Without Words collection in 1997, and composed and performed one of that record's most memorable tracks, “Life is a Circle”.

This solo piano recording is Michael’s EverSound debut and it includes forteen pieces

 Mastered by four-time Grammy winner Roger Nichols.

 The critics

 “Put an excellent, prolific composer together with a very good piano and a top notch crew and you get a great album. The Softest Touch is full of delightful simplicity and musical clarity as well as pleasing variety of tracks.” (NAPRA)

 “Listening to the entire album makes one realize what magic Whalen can make on his own; sure he is a studio wizard with a synth, but these solo pieces are honest, intimate and completely enjoyable, making such frills unnecessary. These are pure, beautiful solos with heart, wherein the simple understated power of the music is immediate, real and transparent” (New Age Voice)




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