Time on Earth CD - Ron Clearfield

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Time on Earth CD - Ron Clearfield

Ron Clearfield, cellist, composer, conductor and recording artist presents, "Time on Earth", his second solo album with EverSound following the successful and critically acclaimed debut CD, Dream Manifestation.

In Time on Earth, the genres of new age, classical, world and smooth jazz are beautifully fused in a tapestry of sounds: rich and vibrant cello, ancient and magical Gregorian voices, the sonorous beauty of oboe, flute and French horn complimented by harp, zither, African kalimba, keyboards and percussion.

The critics have spoken of Time on Earth:

"Time on Earth is a heart-provoking, feel-good album that you'll want to relish again and again."

Carol Wright, Barnes and Noble

" Classically trained Ron Clearfield draws on classical, jazz and ethnic motifs offering a varied program for time well spent."

Ted Cox, New Age Retailer

"World-class cellist Clearfield combines a strong classical grounding with layers of ethnic and jazz sounds producing a charming album of intimate, beautiful and meditation-provoking original music. In a musical theme celebrating life on Planet Earth is expressed masterfully by Clearfield and his cohorts."

Molly Alexander, New Age Voice

"In Time on Earth, Ron Clearfield has a dynamic approach in creating contemporary chamber music centered on solo cello, cello choirs, broad keyboard orchestrations and world elements. Ron has an unerring sense of melody."

John Diliberto, PRI's Echoes and Amazon.com

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