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EverSound is thrilled to announce a new release by John Adorney! 

In John's words:

"In 2017, I was inspired to create Toward a Gentle Place, and since its release, I've received many emails from people for whom the album has brought comfort in times of stress. With 2020 being on track to be one of the most stressful years ever worldwide, I felt it was a perfect time to create a Volume 2. Being locked in my home for the past few months has given me an unexpected chance to make A Silver Thread - Toward a Gentle Place, volume 2.

As with the first volume, I want the experience of listening to the album to be a comforting one, so Iʼve only included pieces that I feel have an uplifting or a soothing quality.

It is my sincere hope that during these stressful times, this music will help bring you to a more gentle place."

~ John


 The tracks:

1     Ilo

2     Where the Water Flows

3     A Strange Good Fortune

4     Beatus Vivere

5    Together Once More

6     The Weaver and the Loom

7    The Tiniest House of Time  

8    If I Fall Asleep Again

9     Like a Lotus

10  Gentle Touch

11  In a Delicate Way

12  A Silver Thread

13  Contemplation

14  Stories Left Untold

 With this bundle offer,

you get both volumes of the

Toward A Gentle Place series for $18.00

 IMPORTANT: During the Covid-19 pandemic, shipping is restricted to North America.

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