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John Adorney’s fourth solo release, Trees of Gold, once again captures the energy and melodic beauty of his previous CDs. As on all of his releases, John’s compositions are complimented by the luscious, layered textures of female vocalist Daya, while the title track, as well as the beautiful “Yilowe” feature African vocals by newcomer Marcel Adjibi. Trees of Gold seamlessly follows his elegant and enchanting 2004 release, Waiting for the Moon, and The Other Shore, which was honored by the Coalition of New Age Retailers as the Best New Age CD of 2002 .      

John once again showcases his skills not only as a composer, but as an outstanding performer on guitar, cello and keyboards. Rhythms and elements of Middle Eastern, pop, classical and African music pulse beneath John’s unforgettable melodies,, and guests artists perform on oboe, flugel horn, flute and the Middle Eastern duduk.

 “John is a very gifted artist; I love his sense of timing, melody and instrumentation… he is a genius at bringing notes to life. His new album,' Trees Of Gold', shines brightly with the spirit of adventure, beauty and majesty” Diane Arkenstone.


The Songs:


Swept Away

Trees of Gold


Arrival of the Guest


The Swing

Shades of Amber

A Wind in the Forest

The Waterwheel

Man of the Red Earth


Also available as a download for $7.00

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    Posted by RJ Lannan on 23rd Apr 2016

    Taking us away once again to a new land of hopes and dreams is John Adorney with his captivating CD Trees of Gold. Adorney has this incredible talent for combining lush, vibrant textures of sound and celestial voices that form colorful, evocative mental soundtracks. When you listen to a John Adorney album you can take a first class journey anywhere the mind can travel. The limit is somewhere beyond the imagined sky. It appears that John has all his friends (as well as some family members) helping him on the album. John handles all the keyboards and piano and we have seraphic vocalist Daya, Richard Hardy on flute, Shinn Jamison on oboe and Luke Tunney on flugelhorn. John introduces newcomer vocalist Marcel Adjibi for a unique accent to some of the compositions. Taking just two words, ethereal vocalist Daya and John form a song that resounds with emotion and beauty. Swept Away is a song that delves into the heart of one possessed by love and extraordinary passion. You are the victims of an outraged sea that deposits you in a place of extraordinary beauty. You awake in a dream world of your own creation. Trees of Gold, the title tune reminded me of Karl Jenkins' Adiemus. Adorney has his wonderful music mixed with a complex vocal track that is both enthusiastic and emotive. Somewhere in the middle the song takes on a waltz motif as Adjibi's adventurous voice and Daya's sweet vocal triggers a musical metamorphosis. Our senses are delighted by the colors in the music as the trees turn auriferous. Everything changes. Yilowe has just a few lines in it but the words are unforgettable. Sung in African Gun by Marcel Adjibi this beautiful tune is full of emotion that will touch any heart. "My Heart is calling. My heart is my home. Every breath a blessing" It celebrates being alive and we need songs just like that. Life on some parts of the earth is precarious at best and no minute of existence should be taken for granted. John's wonderful contemporary piano work is featured on Whisper, an idyllic tune that in its simplicity allows you to take hold of his coat tails and fly away to a quiet place. The evocative music allows you to close your eyes and open the portals of your mind and drift. This is my favorite on Trees of Gold. I was torn as to which track I preferred as best of the album. Arrival of the Guest or Man of the Red Earth. The latter. The duet between Daya and Hardy's alto flute is hauntingly beautiful as is John's score. It is the finale to the album and a very comforting tune. I looked it up, there's red earth on every continent on this planet and some on the next. It is a song for everyone whose roots push deep into the earth and emerge the stronger for it. This is Adorney's forth album. He had a hit with his last album Waiting for the Moon (see my review). I believe that this album will garner him even more success. He has the wonderful ability to musically pave a road for travelers of the mind and get them safely to their destination. I don’t know where John goes to find his music, but I can tell you that it is a place I want to go to. You will too.

  • 5
    Melodies that calm the soul and makes the spirit soar!

    Posted by Scott D on 23rd Apr 2016

    As soon as I heard one of your tracks on SIRIUS, I hopped on iTunes and bought three of your albums. I've not regretted the purchase. Your sense of melody calms my soul and makes my spirit soar. Thank you!

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