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Waiting for the Moon DOWNLOAD - John Adorney

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John Adorney’s Waiting For The Moon is the highly anticipated follow-up to his last CD, The Other Shore, which was honored by the Coalition of New Age Retailers as the Best New Age CD of 2002.

John once again showcases his skills not only as a composer, but as an outstanding performer on guitar, cello and keyboards. Featured prominently is female vocalist Daya, who sings on 6 of the 10 tracks, including two songs - the title track and the hauntingly beautiful “A Butterfly in the Well.” Rhythms and elements of Middle Eastern, classical and African music pulse beneath John’s unforgettable melodies, and guests artists perform on oboe, English horn and bamboo flute.

 Track Listing 

1 Always

2 The Potter’s Gift

3 A Butterfly in the Well

4 In Bloom        

 5 The River’s Secret          

6 Waiting for the Moon         

7 Unbroken

8 Flow of Love

9 The Dance

10 Mavoh, Mavoh 



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