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When You Walk Into The Room CD- Steve McPeters

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Steve McPeters’ new album showcasing a collection of all-new fourteen songs with Country, Rock and Folk influences.

The songs, written and sung by Steve, evoke images of longing, fulfillment and gratitude, striking a common chord with those who identify themselves as travelers on a journey to love.

"When You Walk Into the Room” features Manuel Imán (keyboard, acoustic & electric guitar), Lucia Iman (background vocals) and John Adorney (keyboards and guitars)”




      The Songs:

1) When you Walk Ito The Room

2) Shades of Blue

3) Don't You Love Those Times

4) Send Me Dreams

5) Dreamed I was A Lonely Man

6) Still Silent River

7) It's My Crazy Heart

8) Standing in The Future Looking Back

9) Inside Out

10) Far Away

11) Moonliht Stage

12) Cajun Dance

13) Through The Years

14) Keep Me Moving

“When You Walk Into The Room” video

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