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Where the Heart Belongs - The Very Best of Curtis Macdonald - FREE SHIPPING!

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A retrospective collection of Curtis Macdonald's beautiful and heartfelt lyrical piano melodies surrounded by his image-inspiring arrangements. A romantic musical journey expressing where the heart belongs.

"Where The Heart Belongs is not just a collection for Curtis Macdonald fans. It is a must-have for anyone who is into New Age music. It contains some of the finest melodies released in our genre over the last 20 years, all nicely balanced and well compiled. Listen to it and you will know where your heart belongs. Highly recommended"

BT Fasmer ~ New Age Music Guide 


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  Q & A with Curtis Macdonald



Track Listing: 

1. Everlasting                                      

2. Where the Heart Belongs                

3. Promise                                           

4. Holder of My Heart                        

5. No Place Like Home                      

6. Spirit of Wishes                             

7. Always Kiss Me Goodbye              

8. Kanan to the Sea                             

9. Tierra Rejada                                  

10. Our Love Is Forever                     

11. Coming Home                              

12. Summerland                                 

13. This Evening Is Ours                   

14. Shadow Crossing                         

15. Ocean Avenue                             

16. Coast of Dreams                          

17. Goodnight Moon                         

Total Length: 65:22


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